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Author Topic: Testimonials GGO/GWFO/CASB V1.xx  (Read 11811 times)
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« on: August 20, 2009, 03:36:41 PM »

"Brilliant product, a must for anyone trading mechnical system." - Ajay Shah, November 2004

"I want to congratulate you for the release of GGO and GWFO; I’ve been testing these products for two days and realize what a great potential they have. GGO and GWFO features are not “nice to have” but necessary tool to whoever takes system design
seriously." - Leopoldo Sanchez, November 2004

"It seems like you've developed some very valuable tools. The Walk-forward analyzer is, as someone else has said, a "dream come true". It solves a problem I've always had when developing systems. Actually, several problems." - Bill Shugg, December 2004

"I am in awe of the potential that is included in the new GGO/GWFO software suite. Developing "set and forget" robust models , plus the correct re-optimization scenerio for non-robust models are just two ways that may indeed make this software worthy of it's name. "The Grail System Suite, don't develop without it!" - Joe Krutsinger, CTA

"I think your product is very very good! I believe it will become the standard of industry. So I have bought the whole Suite today. Thank you for your great product" - Chung-Hao Yang, January 2005

"I would like to compliment you on your continued advancements to an already outstanding product and also for your timely customer service." - Kevin Rose, January 2005

"Your product has taken us to a whole new level (whether we are ready or not)." - Ray Nungaray, November 2004

"I started using GGO and GWFO last November and after the trial period and a month on lease I gladly bought the Suite. I must say, in the last few years, nothing has improved my bottom line and knowledge of how to create a better system then your products. My systems 'before Grail' looked great yet consistantly traded badly in real time.

Besides loosing lots of bucks! I began doubting my original concepts and take on the market since the systems were falling apart and showing me I was wrong. Being a slow study... I continued to add more and more complicated filters and conditions and with increasingly detailed and more thourough optimizing with guessed it...I looked better and better and traded worse and worse...I was developing and throwing out decent strategies left and right.

Then your products came along. The stress testing and walk forward ability are amazing. Immediately I saw my mistakes and they were easy to correct. Most of my take on the market was fine, it was the trying to get perfect results on past data that actually prevented any robustness going forward. Now my systems are a lot simpler and I'm making decent returns. I'm no trading maestro but I now know what to expect and I get it. Better to have reasonable expectations that get filled consistantly then unrealistic ones that always fall short."

Dave Klinger - March 2005

"When I was live automated trading my strategies before I learned of this (The Grail) testing/development process, the one thing I did not know was "Should I weather this drawdown, or is the strategy no good?"
Now I trade my systems with confidence. I know what to expect, and if the DD is within range, I am not worried (well, not too worried...who likes a DD!)
This product is Indispensable, in my judgment. I wouldn't trade without it!"

Gordon Lantz - April 2005

"The software (GGO and GWFO) that I purchased from your company has changed my life. .....
The new tutorials, although somewhat verbose, really helped me understand how to harness the power of the Grail.....
The reason my life has changed is that I now have confidence in my strategy that I simply did not have before. ....
The most obvious benefit of your software is the amount of time it saves.
You can do in a week what it would have taken years to do in TradeStation, and centuries to do with Excel.
But don't undersell your customers on the psychological benefits of trading a system that passes Grail's demanding statistical analyses.
The Grail Suite is by far the most expensive piece of software that I have ever bought, but it's worth every penny.
I'll never trade another system that has not been put through the wringer of the Grail products."
Zak Perryman, August 2005

"Keep up the great work, I am getting results far better than I thought possible with your product."
- Travis Mijat, September 2005

"I must admit that your tools and the tutorial you add to it, improved my performance and helped me a lot." - Haim Gabsow, September 2005

"I am lecturing trading system design at a prominent financial institution in my country, as well as supporting the financial R&D of this institution. This includes, among other methods, the implementation of GGO & GWFO in the bank's common practice.
We do that for nearly a year now (with GWFO - actually since October 2004), and no one seems to complain, to say the least.
I have faith on the Grail methodology, which I can only convey to my students ( 40 MBAs ), and recommend it as part of my course.
Needless to say, I am not engaged with the Grail commercially or otherwise, except for being an old loyal customer.
I have been provided with nothing less than 5-star product, 5-star support, 5-star responsiveness in this industry.
Absolutely second to none." - Eitan Rotem, October 2005

"I for one am making money using Grail on the ER2. Actually I have not touched one system since April." - James P Tann, October 2005

"I may sound like a commercial but these products have completely changed the way I approach strategy development and has kept me from trading strategies that would have shredded my account. I will never trade without them again. If you are a bit EasyLanguage challenged (as I am), the CASB is extremely powerful in that it provides an interface in which you can specify your entries and exts and it will then generate a template which can then be used to "discover" those settings that work for a particular market/timeframe (these templates also, by the way have a Time Frame Optimizer where you can specify up to 5 bar intervals) resulting in a collection of strategy candidates that can then be tested with the Genetic Optimizer and Walk Forward Analysis. There is a learning curve here but it's well worth the effort.

You just aren't going to find these kinds of tools at these price levels. Again, I'm not affiliated with Grail and am simply a user but I think you'll find that the user community would agree with the points I've made here. AND the support from the Grail Team for this product is the best I've experienced, for any software product." Steve Harwood, November 2005

"I've spent the last two years building neural net models using Neuroshell Daytrader Professional, along with Optimax. Neither program comes close to what you've done with the Grail. I was getting results almost immediately with the GGO that took me a year to achieve with Neuroshell. What planet did you say you guys were from?"
"The compliment is sincere. Feel free to run it on the blog, but please mask my name or initials and my country. I'm sure ...............(name) and ............(name) would take exception to the observation. But it doesn't change the fact." - January 2006
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