The Grail Genetic System Builder for TradeStation creates futures, stocks, commodities, bonds and currencies trading systems for global markets (in fully disclosed EasyLanguage). The software allows the testing of systems on unseen data and includes various fixed fractional money management (position sizing) strategies as well as a genetic portfolio optimizer / evaluator. Free demo available.


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THE GRAIL Computer Assisted Strategy Builder for TradeStationTM

The Computer Assisted Strategy Builder can model an infinite number of unique trading systems in fully disclosed EasyLanguageTM code

THE GRAIL Walk-forward Optimizer for TradeStationTM

This exciting software can determine if the performance of a trading system under optimization is real, or the result of curve fitting. GWFO uses walk forward analysis to prove/disprove the validity of a trading system and the optimization procedure beyond reasonable doubt.

GWFO enables one to properly test the robustness of a system even though a limited amount of data is available for backtesting. Also, if you ever wondered what your system's performance will look like with continuous re-optimization, or what the optimal re-optimization period is, then this software is for you!

THE GRAIL Genetic Optimizer for TradeStationTM

Our genetic optimizer (GGO) drastically speeds up the optimization process in TradeStation. The GGO is able to find a near optimal solution in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to do an exhaustive search for the absolute optimum. The near optimal solution is also likely to be a much more robust solution, because the genetic algorithm does not seek local optima as traditional search methods.

The software comes complete with a SmartEditor that will modify your strategy in seconds so that it can be used by GGO. The Genetic Optimizer (GGO) can also be used in conjunction with the Walk-forward Optimizer (GWFO) thereby providing you with genetic walk-forward optimization capability!

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