The Grail Genetic System Builder for TradeStation creates futures, stocks, commodities, bonds and currencies trading systems for global markets (in fully disclosed EasyLanguage). The software allows the testing of systems on unseen data and includes various fixed fractional money management (position sizing) strategies as well as a genetic portfolio optimizer / evaluator. Free demo available.

THE GRAIL Genetic System Builder can model trading systems on the market of your choice. Should you be interested in a trading system for a specific market, register for a free demo or e-mail us at

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Liquidity Risk Disclosure


Liquidity changes on a day-to-day basis and we can not guarantee the liquidity of any market. Most United States commodity exchanges limit fluctuations in future contract prices during a single day through regulations referred to as "Daily Limits." During a single trading day, no trades may be executed at prices beyond the daily limit. Once the price of a future contract has increased or decreased to the limit point, positions cannot be taken or liquidated above or below the limit price. Futures prices have occasionally reached the daily limits for consecutive days with limited or no trading. Similar occurrences could prevent traders from changing the positions as indicated by THE GRAIL trading systems. This could subject the trader to substantial losses. In addition, the CFTC or the exchanges may suspend or limit trading. While daily limits reduce liquidity, they do not reduce ultimate losses, as such limits apply only on a day-to-day basis.

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